Clyde McHenry founded CMI in 1984, after several years serving as a window manufacturer representative.  His goal back then, and still today, was very simple: to do high-quality work at a fair price.  After all, he was putting his name on the company, and he wanted his company to stand for quality and fairness.

Over the years, while many competitors drifted into other areas of construction, Clyde made the strategic choice to concentrate on his core competency… designing, furnishing, and installing high-quality commercial windows.  This focus allowed CMI to develop exceptional expertise in this construction niche.  As a result, CMI has grown to become a respected leader in the industry, and is often the company that building owners, managers, and architects think of first when it comes to window and glass installation.

In 2011, Clyde handed the leadership reins over to his daughter, Gina, who grew up in the business.  Like her father, Gina is determined to lead the company with integrity and a strong focus on exceeding customer expectations.